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Welcome to Mrs. Steiner's Science Webpage!
I am excited to begin a new school year.  My Fall classes include Environmental Science, Honors Biology, and Biology. We will learn many new things about ourselves and the natural world around us. To learn more about each class, read the course expectations located on the individual class pages (the icons posted above).
                                       Embryology Study

Check out some of the pictures from a past embryology study. Can you determine which stage of development each embryo is in? 

                                         21st Centruy Skills

The new wave in education deals with increasing the use of technology in the classroom. It is projected that these skills will be required of our students entering the job market in the next decade. One major roadblock to consider in this next step would be the fact that many students are still lacking in the skills of the 19th and 20thCentury.  Click here for more information about 21st Century Skills.

                       Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)

Surveys of Enacted Curriculum is a program in which educators in a particular subject area can review their current practice and compare the different levels of concentration in specific areasof given subjects and howwell the allocated timespent aligns tothe importance of the subject according to national/state standards.

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            Curriculum on Memory and How The Brain Learns

A new section of how the brain learns is being developed and a pilot for this unit will be presented during the spring 2009 semester in the Honors Biology class. The unit will cover the parts of the brain and their functions at various developmental stages.
                          AP Biology Collaborative Session

Last year I teamed up with another AP Biology teacher to conduct an online collaborative session to be held throughout the year. Here are some pictures of the human mtDNA lab that both classes jointly participated in.
Click here to enter the session.
               Network Leadership Meeting - Spring, 2009

The Vermont State Department of Education provides professional development workshops in the subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science.These workshops are conducted by other Vermont educators that have worked collectively in the state-supported teacher network leadership program. These workshops aim to provide an inservice training that is more of an exchange among educators in developing "tools" for better practice rather than the lecture style delivery found in conventional programs. To sign up for the Fall 2009 Workshop(s) click here.

Things I am involved with in Science Education

Here I am loading centrifuge
tubes for our DNA
lab reports
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