Functions of the Forensic Scientist
and the Crime Lab
Sex and Height of remains pdf  word
Eye Disection pics pdf  word
Eye Disection instructions website
The Perfect Corpse video worskeet
Urine over your head  pdf  word
Chromatograpy demo  pdf word
The Chromatography Challenge website 
The Mouse Party online interactive
The Mouse Party
pdf  word
Testing Drugs I  pdf  word
Drug Key  pdf  word
Thin Layer pdf word
Test  pdf   word
Handwriting Analysis
Sample request for evidence evaluation pdf  word
Flesh Eating Beatles
Hair and Fiber Analysis
Fingerprint Analysis

Processing the Crime Scene
Study Guide pdf  word
Forensic Entomolgy
Fly identification pdf word
Fly Beetle info sheet  pdf word
Blow Fly Worksheet
pdf  word
Entomology Lab Stations 1-4  pdf  word

Welcome to Forensic Science
with Mrs. Steiner
Over the course of this semester you will be part of a forensic unit that will be involved in conducting forensic labs to solve crimes.
Units and labs to be Covered:
Current Unit:
     Intro to Forensics
Entrance Exam
Intro online quiz


Forensics Syllabus pdf   word
Lab Safety Contract pdword
Written Lab Reports pdf word
Lab Grading Rubric pdf  word
Student Info Sheets pdf word
Crime Scene Report  pdword

Presented by Court T.v:

Finding out what someone looked like when facial features cease to exist.
Introductory Materials

Fingerprint Permission pdf  word
Picture Permission pdf word
Welcome Postcard pdf word
Detective ID Tags pdf   word
Suspect Mug Files pdf  word
1st Day Detective Duties pdf word
Sample Term Mastery pdf word 2009
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