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1. Discuss the five factors of soil formation. 7.15

2. Identify and be familiar with basic soil properties, including physical, chemical and biological properties. 7.15

3. Discuss the role of soils in environmental degradation including soil erosion, non-point source pollution, and other types of pollution as well as broader issues such as global warming. 3.9

4. Discuss the role of soils in land use issues such as building site development, prime farmland and wetland preservation, septic system siting, and recreation development. 3.9

5. Recognize the importance of soils for agricultural production and the importance of managing soils sustainably on a global level in the face of mounting population pressure and urban sprawl. 3.9

6. Use the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) County Soil Survey to locate soil types and other information about the soils and understand how this information can be used. 1.8, 1.10, 7.1

Overarching Concepts
Soil has physical, chemical and biological properties and can be studied, classified and mapped based on these properties.

Soils are a functionally important part of the environment and interact with other major factors in the environment, including the atmosphere and the hydrosphere.(Soil Functions)

Environmental relationships between the soil and other factors can be interrupted and influenced by human activities, such as development, agriculture, waste disposal, resource extraction and pollution.

Global sustainability for humans is highly dependent on managing and conserving soils for multiple uses including crop production, forestry, and habitat diversity.
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